Aha Moments & Selah Moments

Spring floral background - abstract nature concept with blue skyThere are moments in life when I have those wonderful “AHA” moments.  When God shows up in big way… a cause for celebration, an answered prayer, a favorable outcome in a difficult situation, a new insight to truth from His Word…whatever it may be those moments are so thrilling and our hearts are full!

But there are times in life when it’s not a huge “AHA” moment but rather a “SELAH” moment.

Selah is a Hebrew word used often in the Psalms.  Its exact meaning is not completely clear, it may give musical instruction at times or indicate a pause for various reasons.   Some scholars translate it to mean to lift up, a pause, an interruption.  For me, it’s that moment when God captivates my attention and gives me reason to just pause and breathe deeply.  And although these moments may not carry the high of an AHA moment, they are just as thrilling!  It’s that feeling of being awestruck by God’s presence in my life.  And my heart is full.

I thought I’d share my SELAH moment from today with you.  I was reading Ephesians 3:14-21, Continue reading “Aha Moments & Selah Moments”

When A Light Comes On!

Blue LightbulbiStock_000008260977Small

I love it when God sheds light on an area of my heart hidden in darkness.  Well actually, most of the time, my initial reaction to the light is the same as when my husband turns on the bathroom light that blasts a glaring ray interrupting my peaceful, wonderfully blissful sleep.  (I’m not the morning person in our relationship).  He calls me dramatic…whatever!  I actually love early mornings…the peace, the calm, the newness, a fresh beginning…I just have a hard time getting there. This same scenario plays out when God hits my heart with His Truth.

I read this verse one morning and it stuck with me all day long. It quickly became like that glaring bathroom light!

In God we make our boast all day long, and we will praise Your Name forever. —Psalm 44:8

I couldn’t get it off my mind.  I kept asking myself, what is your “all-day long boast”?

Webster’s Dictionary defines boasting:  to show off; to wear or display in an ostentatious (to attract attention) manner.

In the original Hebrew of Psalm 44:8 the word for boast is “halal” – to be bright, shine, to be splendid, to boast, to praise, to celebrate, to glorify; at the heart of this root word is the idea of radiance.

So I pondered and paused throughout my day asking myself, what are you wearing, showing off, radiating?  I quickly became painfully aware of my boastings and was not really thrilled with my conclusions. Continue reading “When A Light Comes On!”