Restless Wandering

The problem - childs feet and long twisted shoelaces

Do you ever feel stuck? In a rut? Or that you’re wandering, searching for that thing to fill the restlessness? Perhaps life is in such constant change that you are finding it hard to keep up. I have to admit, I like change at times (this is one reason my house is in a constant state of redecorating). I don’t like to live with too much routine, but I’m also a creature of habit. I do like adventure, creating and discovering new and exciting things, but I also need a sense of calm and stability to my life. This zig-zag can leave a girl feeling dizzy and plain worn out! Continue reading “Restless Wandering”

Four Words for the New Year


Okay, so I know I’m a little late to the game in writing something about New Year goals.  I’m not really one to make a list of goals or resolutions each year, however I do find that as each year draws to a close I find myself reflecting on the past year.  It normally begins as I’m writing my Christmas letters to family.  If you’re new to the blog, you can read all about them here.  This year, they were encouraging, beautiful and the highlight of my Christmas…as they always are. Continue reading “Four Words for the New Year”