Lessons on /rəˈlāt-ing/




: to show or make a connection between (two or more things)

: to understand and like or have sympathy for someone or something

: to tell (something, such as a story)

teach, inspire, motivate - a collage of isolated words in vintage letterpress wood type

I’m an introvert at heart. I can talk, that’s for sure, but it might take me awhile to get comfortable. And conversation and interaction drain me, so I require downtime, alone time, to refuel and re-energize.  Small talk…never really cared for it and was never good at it. However, being a military brat who moved almost every two years of my life, I did get used to making new friends quickly. And I’m married to the most extroverted, people-loving man I know! I’ve learned so much just watching him and mimicking what he does. This year I’ve committed to being more intentional about RELATING (one of my Four Words for 2015). I’ve loved watching who God has brought into my life this year and how He is using each one of them to encourage and sharpen me. This week, the Lord has taught me much about relating and used some amazing people to pour into my life. It’s a longer post, but I’d love if you’d hang with me and meet some of the people who poured into my life this week —they will encourage you! Continue reading “Lessons on /rəˈlāt-ing/”

Fall Report Card

Earlier this year I shared some thoughts on my goals for 2015. I committed to pouring more energy and time into four areas: Reading. Writing. Creating. Relating. (You can read about them here.) Being the results-oriented, performance-driven person that I am, I have been feeling like this year has been a huge BUST nine months into the year! However, as I’ve been reflecting and praying through this, I’m not so sure my initial assessment is accurate. These four words definitely have not taken shape the way I initially envisioned!  This report card of progress definitely left me feeling deflated and defeated at first. I’ll let you in on my self-evaluation… Continue reading “Fall Report Card”

Girls Love Chocolate!

A few years ago, I ran across some pieces of pottery that expressed some of  the things we love as women. One piece in particular caught my attention, it read: Girls Love Chocolate.  Now, ain’t that the truth!

two freshly baked brownieo-type sponge cake with chocolate sauce

Chocolate! It’s a delight we love to indulge in! We reach for it when we are stressed, discouraged, frustrated, overwhelmed, angry and when we are celebrating! Continue reading “Girls Love Chocolate!”