A Quiet Heart

When things crowd in…
When worry consumes…
When my “to do” list exceeds the hours in my day…
When relationships are strained or just a plain ole’ mess…
When the demands of life exhaust me…
When my heart is overwhelmed and my mind won’t settle down…
Lord, quiet my heart and comfort me with Your grace and peace.


When anxiety overtakes me and worries are many, Your comfort lightens my soul. —Psalm 94:19

So bow down under God’s strong hand; then when the time comes, God will lift you up. Since God cares for you, let Him carry all your burdens and worries. —1 Peter 5:6-7

Rejoicing in Him!




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Choosing the Best from the Rest

Do you ever feel like Gumby? Stretched and pulled in several directions at once? Decisions to be made at every turn, and yet you find yourself:

  • Questioning whether you’ve made the right choice.
  • Indecisive for fear of choosing the wrong path or overwhelmed by the choices at hand.
  • Discontent for fear there was an option you never explored that could have been THE one.
  • Pressure to conform or perform according to someone else’s standards or expectations —or perhaps your own.

How do we begin to enjoy the moments of life rather than completing a task and jumping to the next thing on our list?

How do we keep from feeling stressed by the daily decisions we must make?

How do we choose the best from the everything else? Continue reading “Choosing the Best from the Rest”