Ten Ways to Read the Bible

Would you like to get more from your Bible reading and study time? Perhaps you’re new to the Bible and not sure where to begin? Perhaps you’ve been reading the Word for years yet still not comfortable with studying God’s Word for yourself. Be encouraged! It all begins with learning to really read the Scriptures.

There are three basic steps to studying God’s Word.

  • Observation —what does the text say?
  • Interpretation—what does the text mean?
  • Application—how does it work?

Although many of us may be familiar with these steps, the tendency can be to quickly read a passage of Scripture and then jump right to application—tell me what to “do”! Perhaps we employ the “skimmer” method, skimming the passage looking for the “good stuff” that can help make sense of our situation. Continue reading “Ten Ways to Read the Bible”

Facing Off Fear

A few weeks ago I found myself in a whirlwind of emotions. Our son lives and works in West Palm Beach, Florida. When word that Hurricane Irma was heading his way, I began to communicate with him regarding his plans. He’s pretty laid-back and not risk-averse so he was going to wait and see. As things progressed and evacuations were called for, my stress level began to rise. He is on staff at a large church in the area and because they have several campuses in several cities, they were still in the decision process on canceling their weekend services. Our son decided to wait for their final decision before making evacuation plans. Meanwhile, I’m reading of gas shortages, traffic jams, hearing stories from friends and families of past “disasters” when trying to evacuate a Florida hurricane. Well-meaning friends and family were calling and texting to inquire about Jacob and his plans. My husband was on the road that week, so I was home alone trying to process this battle of feelings and faith. Continue reading “Facing Off Fear”

O Lord, How I Need You

I’m so glad you’re hanging with us as we make our way through Psalm 119! I pray that the Lord has encouraged and enlarged your heart as you’ve journaled your verses each week.

This week—oh this week—I’m not even sure where to begin! These passages are so very rich and we could spend weeks on them. Instead, I’m going to share just a few thoughts from this passage as I journaled, meditated upon and studied these verses.

Psalm 119:17-24 (Gimel) and Psalm 119:25-33 (Daleth)

One word kept playing in my head as I journaled these verses—despondent. We all know that feeling, but let’s begin with Webster’s definition:

despondent —feeling or showing extreme discouragement, dejection, or depression

We see this conveyed from the beginning of these sections of the Psalm: Continue reading “O Lord, How I Need You”

Making Our Hearts a Home for God’s Word


Home is the place where we feel comfortable and can be ourselves. Our homes reflect our personalities and our priorities—the color on our walls, our decorating style (or lack thereof), the activities taking place within these walls, the people who occupy the space with us. All these go into the making of the place we call home.

The Scriptures tell us that our hearts are to be a home for the Word of God and work of Christ.

painted wall picture

This week we’ve been reading and journaling in Psalm 119:1-16. Continue reading “Making Our Hearts a Home for God’s Word”

Are You A Wanderer?

Hello friends! I hope you’ve had a great week in God’s Word as you’ve read through Psalm 119. As we mentioned last week, each section of Psalm 119 begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It’s an acrostic. This week we will be reading and writing out the first two letters, Aleph and Beth.

Psalm 119:1-16 — Aleph & Beth

Here are a few thoughts that the Lord brought to mind as I wrote out these verses.

I noticed in the first 11 verses it was all about ways and walks and wanderings. It’s speaks to what brings about a blessed life. Continue reading “Are You A Wanderer?”

Writing God’s Word Upon Our Hearts

Hey Friends,

I want to invite you to join me this fall for a study in Psalm 119.

I’ve recently discovered a new Bible study resource—Journibles. Have you heard of them? I had not until a friend shared them with me. I was intrigued, so I headed over to Amazon to check them out. I decided to purchase one on Psalm 119 (one of my favorite psalms). It was $4 and I felt worth the cost to try it out. (Sidebar: I have a tendency to “collect” books and Bible study resources and never use them to their fullest potential).

I love Journibles! It’s simple. It’s powerful! You are given space to write out verses of Scripture going through one book of the Bible at a time. If you’ve read any of my posts or studied with me in person, you know I encourage slowing down to take in God’s Word rather than rushing for the sake of “getting through” a chapter or Bible study.

God’s Word is water and nourishment for our hungry and thirsty souls and spirits. Continue reading “Writing God’s Word Upon Our Hearts”

Leaving a Legacy…

Hey friends, it’s been awhile!  I’ve struggled lately to get to this blog. I’ve struggled to find things to write. It’s been a stressful season of life for me this last year and a half and I’m just beginning to come out on the other side. I needed some rest. I hope to write a future posts on all God has been teaching me these last 18 months. But for now, I’ve found something that has sparked my heart and soul and I wanted to share with you all. Continue reading “Leaving a Legacy…”

Tis the Season Week 4: Loving Like Jesus

How will the love of Jesus find expression in your life as you seek to love others this Christmas season?

Thanks for sticking with us the last four weeks. This week we conclude our study just in time to celebrate and rejoice in the birth of our Savior! I pray your Christmas has been a little different this year because you have sought to make Christ the center. This week we’ll conclude our study by examining Psalm 86:13 and the steadfast love our of God. Continue reading “Tis the Season Week 4: Loving Like Jesus”