When Your Hands Are Tied!

I recently experienced one of those situations when I really wanted “fix” a situation that was out of my control. A loved one was in a difficult situation and there was nothing anyone could do to help or alleviate the problem. My hands were tied!  I wanted to be where they were and fix the problem!  But I was miles apart with no way to get to them or to remedy the situation. I was overwhelmed and concerned and began to fret.  But then I thought…I CAN pray.  I can pray!  That’s huge!  But often it’s our last resort and not our first thought.  So I began to pray and intercede for my loved one.  I prayed for the situation to resolve immediately…it did not.  I prayed for protection and provision for my loved one…it was granted!  I prayed for peace and comfort…it was supplied in abundance! As I was praying, the Lord brought a verse of Scripture to mind and it became my prayer back to the Lord throughout the many hours that followed and as we waited for the situation to resolve itself.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1-2

A very present help —that’s what I needed for my loved one. That’s what I need for myself in that moment.  I needed someone who would be present in the situation and help!

This word, very present, in the original language of the Bible is Continue reading “When Your Hands Are Tied!”

From Blah to JAH!

Blah to JAH

My Sunday morning this week began with the “blahs”.  You know those days when you just drag yourself out of bed and throughout your day.  There is nothing in particular wrong, you just feel…blah!  During worship, one of the songs we sang was about God as the great I AM.  As we sang of the Great I AM, that phrase —I AM— struck me in a new way.

I am…it’s a phrase I use and think about often, even subconsciously.  Think with me here… Continue reading “From Blah to JAH!”