Get Real: Getting to the Root of Worry

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Maybe worry is one of the dirty secrets of the church. Perhaps it renders us timid, passive, and doubtful when our theology tells us we have every reason to be courageous, active, and confident. Could it be that many of us live with a huge gap between the theological confidence that we celebrate on Sunday and the street-level fear, worry, and anxiety that accompanies us the rest of the week? Why do so many of us worry so much? Why do we not experience the rest that the gospel is meant to give us? Why do we have sleepless nights, nervous stomachs, and fretful days? Why does worry so often enter our door? —Paul David Tripp

Worry!  It’s all-consuming.  It’s exhausting!  Many times it seems we can’t escape its stranglehold on our thoughts and lives.   Continue reading “Get Real: Getting to the Root of Worry”

Get Real: Are You A Worrier?

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Are you a worrier?  Do you tend to fixate on a problem or situation to the point of distraction or anxiety?  Do you feel like you can’t rest until you solve the problem?  Do you find yourself stuck in the past, rehearsing and reliving mistakes or difficulties?  Do you find yourself obsessed with future events and outcomes?   Do you wake in the middle of the night thinking on a situation from your day that you can’t seem to shake? Are you often gripped by a paralyzing fear?  Do you tend to have a fearful “what if” mentality?  Yep, you might be a worrier!

This week in the Get Real Bible study group that meets “live”, we will be looking at ways to overcome worry in our lives.  But I’m not quite ready to blog that lesson yet.  So while you’re waiting, prepare your hearts and minds by reading through some passages from God’s Word that speak to us about worry.  We’ll be working through this exercise in class, so here’s your chance to work alongside us.

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