A Beautiful Reminder

I have this old Bible that was my grandfather’s. When I inherited it, it was worn, tattered, and falling apart. I considered having it rebound but knew it would not be a Bible I’d use to read or for study purposes. However, I could not part with it. I have many extended family members who have been and are wonderful examples of faithful servants who love God and His Word. Many of these faithful servants of the Lord have served and/or are serving in full-time ministry. They are beautiful examples of those who walk out the Word and share Jesus wherever they are, as part of their daily life. I am very grateful for their influence and impact on my life.

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Leaving a Legacy…

Hey friends, it’s been awhile!  I’ve struggled lately to get to this blog. I’ve struggled to find things to write. It’s been a stressful season of life for me this last year and a half and I’m just beginning to come out on the other side. I needed some rest. I hope to write a future posts on all God has been teaching me these last 18 months. But for now, I’ve found something that has sparked my heart and soul and I wanted to share with you all. Continue reading “Leaving a Legacy…”