Writing God’s Word Upon Our Hearts

Hey Friends,

I want to invite you to join me this fall for a study in Psalm 119.

I’ve recently discovered a new Bible study resource—Journibles. Have you heard of them? I had not until a friend shared them with me. I was intrigued, so I headed over to Amazon to check them out. I decided to purchase one on Psalm 119 (one of my favorite psalms). It was $4 and I felt worth the cost to try it out. (Sidebar: I have a tendency to “collect” books and Bible study resources and never use them to their fullest potential).

I love Journibles! It’s simple. It’s powerful! You are given space to write out verses of Scripture going through one book of the Bible at a time. If you’ve read any of my posts or studied with me in person, you know I encourage slowing down to take in God’s Word rather than rushing for the sake of “getting through” a chapter or Bible study.

God’s Word is water and nourishment for our hungry and thirsty souls and spirits. Continue reading “Writing God’s Word Upon Our Hearts”

Elohim Creator God

Names of GodWhere do you run in times of trouble, worry or fear? When temptation seeks to overtake you? When your energy is spent? Where do you run in your time of need?  Who do you turn to for answers? What is your go to “reaction” when things aren’t going well or going your way?

Why don’t we run to the arms of our all-sufficient God? I think it’s because most of us don’t really know our God. —Kay Arthur Continue reading “Elohim Creator God”

Where Do You Run?

Where do you run…

  • When you’re troubled and worried?
  • When your energy is spent?
  • When you’re weary from running?
  • When you feel insecure?
  • When the day to day tasks have you overwhelmed you?
  • When grief has consumed you?
  • When you’re having trouble finding answers to the questions of life?

In your time of need, where do you turn? Continue reading “Where Do You Run?”