Finding Christmas in a Foul Mood Friday

Have you ever had one of those days when you just wake up in a “mood”?  You know, a foul, stinky mood and for no apparent reason.  That’s how my day started on Friday.  Before my feet even hit the floor, I could feel it coming on.  It reminded me of when my children were toddlers and would wake up from a nap whiny, crying and unconsolable with no clue as to the problem.  That was me!  I laid in bed for a moment running through my day and week trying to ascertain why I was in such a state.  Nothing.  So I asked the Lord to just go before me that day.  As I dressed for my day, every little thing got on my very.last.nerve.  This was not getting better.  I snapped at my husband.  I ranted at drivers as I drove to work.  And I realized that I didn’t really want to do anything to improve my mood. I just wanted to be in a bad mood.  Crazy!  But there deep down somewhere was that nagging (irritating) voice telling me I could NOT go through my day with this attitude.  Then the Lord brought to mind what I’d been learning, writing about and teaching to other women lately —having a rejoicing attitude…DESPITE circumstances or feelings (or foul moods).  Ugh!  I really didn’t want this to apply to me today.  And I just couldn’t seem to shake it and didn’t really have the energy to put much effort into it either.  But I knew that something needed to be done.  This attitude was just selfish and not honoring to Jesus at all!  So I went through the list of what I normally do when I’m in a mood or feeling depressed. Mind you, I didn’t “feel” like doing any of this.  But part of rejoicing always is determining with your will even when your feelings aren’t following suit.

I put on the praise music.  I was driving at the time and I keep an NGU Joyful Sound CD in my car at all times.  Having three children who attended North Greenville University and two who were part of the praise ensemble there, I knew their music always lifted my spirit and focused my eyes on things above.  It was beginning to work.  Then I began rehearsing Scripture in my mind and praying for the Lord to infuse it into every fiber of my being.  I mean the Word IS living and active! (Hebrews 4:12).  By the time I reached work, I wasn’t feeling quite as much like punching something or someone.  (I told you, it was a foul mood!).   At lunch I had scheduled a work out session with my husband and our trainer.  Lunch approached and I considered bailing on it. But reluctantly I pulled on my workout clothes and sneakers and headed to the gym.  Cardio, weights, stretching…I was beginning to feel better.  My mood was lifting.  By the time my day ended I had won the battle with those crazy, female hormones that had been wreaking havoc all day! Continue reading “Finding Christmas in a Foul Mood Friday”

A Prickly Shield?

Faithfulness Shield Ps 91_4

I was reading through one of my favorite Psalms the other morning, when one verse in particular struck me.  I love when the Lord does that —when He takes the highlighter to my life  through His Word, especially when it’s a familiar and well-read passage!  This morning it was Psalm 91:4, “His faithfulness will be a protective shield.”

Faithfulness…stability, certainty, reliable and trustworthiness, truth.


There’s a big difference between His faithfulness and mine.  Mine is flawed and fickle —often mood and circumstance-dependent.

His faithfulness is certain, steadfast, trustworthy and eternal.


In this verse there are two words that make up this word picture of God being our shield.  One means to surround and encompass, which is exactly what God’s faithfulness does in my life.  He surrounds and protects me.

Yes, His faithfulness is my protective shield.


But one of the definitions for this word in the original language described it as meaning, prickliness, a prickly shield.

I thought, how odd, a prickly shield?  But as I pondered this longer, I realized there are times when I am just so worn out and weary or when life has just beat me down and I just can’t seem to rise above. I just need some refuge, rest and renewal.  He is my prickly shield!  I got the image in my mind of a porcupine whose quills pop out at the sign of danger or attack as his defensive shield.  As I find refuge under the shadow of His wings, as I find my refuge in His presence, He is my prickly shield.  He guards against anything that might be coming against me, while I — weary and worn — find rest and renewal in His presence.

Yes, His faithfulness is my prickly shield.


There is another word picture of God’s faithfulness as my shield.  A shield can also be something used in battle to protect and defend.  And God’s faithfulness is not only stable, reliable, certain and trustworthy, but it is also truth!  There are times when His faithfulness is my protective shield in the battles of life.  Often for me the battle is in my own mind, and this is when I need the shield of His truth.  His Word shield surrounds, protects and defends my thoughts with what is true instead of the lies assailing my thoughts.  The truth of God’s Word is not only my weapon to wield in battle, but also my powerful shield against the enemy.

Yes, His faithfulness is the truth of His Word, my powerful shield.


I can face my day knowing and walking out the truth that, His faithfulness will be my protective shield!


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