Giddy Joy!

Giddy Joy

Psalm 33:18-21 struck me today.

Now the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him —

those who depend on His faithful love

 to deliver them from death

and to keep them alive in famine.

 We wait for Yahweh;

He is our help and shield.

 For our hearts rejoice in Him

because we trust in His holy name.

They eye of the Lord is on those who depend on Him.  My natural mode of operation is independence, which always brings about famine in my soul, and robs me of my joy and peace.  I needed this reminder to DEPEND on His FAITHFUL LOVE.

His faithful love is DEPENDABLE. The Scriptures describe God’s love as faithful and unfailing. I love this word in the original language.  It is the word hesed and it speaks of God’s covenantal love —a love that is steadfast and immovable, faithful even when we are not.  It is a word that describes His mercy, goodness, faithfulness and kindness.  It is central to the character of God.  Psalm 136 uses this word 26 times to Continue reading “Giddy Joy!”

Get Real! A Heart Massage

Heart Ps 19_14

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O God, my strength and my redeemer.”     Psalm 19:14

Have you ever had a deep tissue massage?  They say a massage has almost a cathartic effect, to the point of bringing you to tears.  Recently, I injured my back.  My husband was applying a muscle rub to the affected area and he began to press deeply into the tissue.  It was painful!  I found myself in tears.  But afterward… a sense of relief and my back was much better.

This idea of deep tissue massage was on my mind recently as I read Psalm 19:14.   The words just seem to penetrate my heart.

How was the meditation of my heart?  

Meditation in this verse is the Hebrew word, higgayon, meaning a meditation, resounding music, whispering, mocking; refers to internal thoughts or musings. It denotes meditation or thinking in the heart as opposed to spoken words.  From the root word, hagah, meaning to moan, growl, mutter, meditate, plot, speak, devise, muse, imagine, utter. 

Heart is leb referring to the totality of man’s inner or immaterial nature.  These are the deepest, innermost feelings and thoughts.

Is there a meditation down deep in my heart that is not pleasing to the Lord?  

He has been speaking to me a great deal recently about my heart attitude.  I know how to say and do the right things most of the time—my outward attitude.  I even think I believe them and find reasons to justify them most of the time.  But the meditation of my heart can’t fool the Lord.  Is there something that is blocking the flow of His Spirit at work in me?  Is there something that is preventing me from being conformed more to Christ’s character?

I did some quick research on some tips and benefits of having a deep tissue massage: Continue reading “Get Real! A Heart Massage”