4 C’s of Relationships

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We were doing some purging and cleaning this weekend at our home.  As I was sorting through stacks of papers in my desk drawer, I ran across some handouts from a marriage study my husband and I led last year (Stay Married for Life by Dan Seaborn).  In one of the lessons the author described four levels of friendship and encouraged us to evaluate where we were in our relationship with our spouse.  The goal of course being Confidants.    Here’s the list:

  • Chums — friends whose interests overlap yours in certain areas; you have conversations because they are convenient. You get to know surface details like name, age, education, job, etc. (i.e. like same music, gym membership, kids same age, work in same building).
  • Companions — friends who spend time together on semi-regular basis. Not just bumping into each other but you make time for each other, committed to friendship so you plan activities together, conversation aren’t merely facts and friendship is strong enough to share opinions on important issues, not afraid to disagree, don’t disclose everything and moved beyond surface but friendship is still shallow.
  • Comrades — friends who want to talk even on an off day, relationship enjoyable but it’s not limited to fun only, typically you’ve walked through meaningful circumstances together, seen the good and bad in each other and still like each other, enjoy being around and can be yourself with them, trust enough to share fears and concerns, beliefs and pursuits, problems and pain, ask for advice and often take it.
  • Confidants — friends who know you to the core. More than only details and specifics, they KNOW you! Know your dreams, history, successes, disappointments, sources of joy and grief, strengths and weaknesses. Feel comfortable telling them everything, nothing off limits, seek them out when you need someone to celebrate with or cry with. Their opinions matter, spent enough time with you to recognize your emotions and pinpoint behavior patterns. They understand why you react and behave the way you do. They get you and the closeness of your relationship is the proof.


This got me thinking about other relationships in my life, and who fit where in this list of 4 C’s.   Continue reading “4 C’s of Relationships”

Declaring His Glory & Splendor for All to See!

Selah Moments — these are short posts where I share something the Lord has shown me that causes me to take a pause (selah) and reflect on His goodness and glory.  A few weeks ago in one of these, I posted a picture of the sunset God graced me with on my drive home.  It reminded me immediately of Psalm 19:1.  As a follow-up, here’s is a great video from my friends at Proskuneo Ministries with more amazing sunsets set to beautiful music.  Check out their video and marvel at our amazing God!

Proskuneo Ministries Psalm 19 Video

The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

Psalm 19:1

Living Unshakeable When Life Gets Shaky!

It’s been quite a week in our little town! Augusta was hit by a huge ice storm. It took down trees and took out power—for several days for many of its residents.  For me, the most unsettling hours were during the evening when the ice had settled in on everything and the limbs of trees were beginning to snap, crackle, pop and then the thundering booms as trees and limbs came down. It was like the sound of constant gunfire and explosions.

2014-02-13 08.21.42 HDR

Our home backs up to the woods, so I was just waiting for that 60-foot hardwood to come crashing through our roof!  Thankfully, it did not and we sustained very minor damages. But then, just as things were beginning to thaw and melt, we experienced an earthquake!  Things were quite shaken up this past week, to say the least!   Continue reading “Living Unshakeable When Life Gets Shaky!”

When Your Hands Are Tied!

I recently experienced one of those situations when I really wanted “fix” a situation that was out of my control. A loved one was in a difficult situation and there was nothing anyone could do to help or alleviate the problem. My hands were tied!  I wanted to be where they were and fix the problem!  But I was miles apart with no way to get to them or to remedy the situation. I was overwhelmed and concerned and began to fret.  But then I thought…I CAN pray.  I can pray!  That’s huge!  But often it’s our last resort and not our first thought.  So I began to pray and intercede for my loved one.  I prayed for the situation to resolve immediately…it did not.  I prayed for protection and provision for my loved one…it was granted!  I prayed for peace and comfort…it was supplied in abundance! As I was praying, the Lord brought a verse of Scripture to mind and it became my prayer back to the Lord throughout the many hours that followed and as we waited for the situation to resolve itself.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1-2

A very present help —that’s what I needed for my loved one. That’s what I need for myself in that moment.  I needed someone who would be present in the situation and help!

This word, very present, in the original language of the Bible is Continue reading “When Your Hands Are Tied!”