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  1. In answer to your question, knowing that my daily walk is to be a reflection of Jesus, it draws caution to what I say/do/how I react to others. It makes me also see where I am still in darkness and not allowing the light to shine.
    I am not as good with expressing myself in words like you are Susan, and also like Jacqueline. But I am so thankful that God has gifted y’all and others in this area to say what I can’t put into words. One of those people He has also gifted is Sheri Rose Shepherd. In her book, His Princess Bride, she writes the following:
    My Prince, You are the light of my world and the love of my life. I know that when you are near, I never need to fear anything or anyone. Please light my way back to You when I have walked away. Help me know that not even the darkness can cause me to lose my way. Please hold me close as I learn to trust Your sight when I cannot see on my own.” (Ps. 36:9)
    I especially like that last line and pray that God will do just that in my life! If anyone is reading this, would you please also pray that for me. I so want to reflect the light of Jesus in my daily walk!

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