A Thanksgiving Invitation

Next week many of us will find ourselves welcomed into someone’s home to celebrate, give thanks and break bread together. Many of us will be welcoming others into our homes.

One of the early uses of the word welcome was to describe something pleasurable. From the Old English wilcuma “welcome!”—the exclamation of kindly greeting, and “welcome guest,” literally “one whose coming suits another’s will or wish”.

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Pause to Consider…

Psalm 95

A pause…sometimes we really need one. Just to take a moment—STOP—take a deep breath. This is a much needed thought for me today! I’ve hit that point in the Christmas season where, if I’m not careful, I’ll find myself spinning out of control in so many ways….shopping, wrapping, planning, activities, baking, eating, more shopping. I NEED to stop, pause and breathe. Today seems like the perfect point in our devotional series to do this! We’ve spent the past two days looking at the names of Jesus as the Good News and our Good Shepherd.  Let’s spend today just reflecting on some Scriptures related to our need for Good News and a Good Shepherd.

His Name IS Advent Devotion: DAY 11

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